Teaching Faculty

Highly qualified, experienced teaching faculty is available in the college.


College has well equipped library with adequte no. of Indian & Foreign editions new books.

Computer Lab

College has well equipped Computer laboratory with internet facilities for the students

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Mission & Vision
Campus Life
Welcome to Indira Education Institute of Nursing

The mission at Indira Education Institute of Nursing is to promote academic and clinical challenge, achievement, team work, and problem solving. Faculty are committed to provide high quality baccalaureate and GNM Nursing.

In our quest for professional leadership, we value integrity, social justice, and social responsibility. Faculty are committed to provide an environment that fosters intellectual freedom, inquiry, investigation, and creative activity.


Nursing as profession has come a long way from being just an assistant to doctor and carrying out some specific skills to highly demanding field which is based on highly scientific body of knowledge the various dimensions of nursing are ever changing with new discoveries

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Due to the lack of nurses all across the globe, there is a great demand for nurses to bridge the demand-supply gap. With the shortage of professionals, India is considered to be the right place to recruit qualified nurses as Indian schools professionally train the nurses.

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