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Teaching Faculty

Highly qualified, experienced teaching faculty is available in the college.


College has well equipped library with adequte no. of Indian & Foreign editions new books.

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Campus Life


Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus as well as in the hostel. Both junior and senior students are required to maintain cordial relationship with each other and a disciplined atmosphere in the college campus.

Academic Norms

Student will attend programs as per College Time table. Students will appear in all tests. A cumulative progress record of each student is being maintained. Students will participate in social, cultural and professional activities. Separate timings have been earmarked for these activities. In case of illness permission will be taken from the Principal to mark reasons of absent and completion of the course.

Identity Card

Each student is provided with an identity card and it must be carried during the College hours or whenever they are going out

Use of Library

All the students of this college are compulsory member of the Library. With the help of identity card, she is allowed to draw two books at a time from the Library A fine of Rs.5/- per day shall be charged for each book retained with her for more than the prescribed time. The books lost or damaged in any way shall be replaced by the borrower otherwise she will be liable to pay the current price of the book plus Rs.50/- as procurement charges. The reference book will not be issued to the students. However, students may consult these books in the Library.
The Library has a photo copying machine. Students can photo copy required pages from reference book as well as other books on payment of requisite charge. The library also has internet facility. Students can browse the internet and obtain printed copy with the help of laser printer attached with the computer after payment of required charges.

Computer Lab

Students will write name, class, date, time and system number on the register specially maintained for this purpose before entering the Computer Lab. One system will be shared by one student only. Students working on the specific machine would be responsible for any damage pertaining to software or hardware or any attachment thereof. External floppies will not be allowed due to virus related problems. No attempt must be made to correct the system mechanically or by other means. Whenever any error occurs the concerned faculty/ expert should be consulted. Students must save their work in the directory, separate for each student, to avoid problems such as deletion, unauthorized changes etc.

Refund of Fees

No refund of fee is permissible. The fee and other amount once paid under no circumstances will be refunded/ adjusted/transferred to other course/student. Students may be required to give a bond for the payment of total amount of fee and other charges for whole course. If student discontinues the course in the middle of courses then she will have to pay the remaining amount of fee etc. to the college.

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